Important Information About Cats

The presence of cats in your house will affect you. Influence of animals on the personality and the fate of their owners are huge! Before you buy a high-pedigree kitten you need to decide what class of the animal do you want: "Pet" kitten - just for your pleasure, "Breed" - kittens for breeding or "Show? class to participate at exhibitions and shows? However with your right to acquire an animal of desired class you get additional responsibilities. The rules substantially vary for owners of different cat?s class. British shorthair kitten is really valuable pearl, fragile treasure, that requires attention, patience, care and proper nutrition. In addition to the elementary rules of feeding, treatment, care and decent conditions of keeping; the owner duty is neutered a "Pet? class kitten. If the new owner wants to get a "Show? class kitten, then a breeder would sell a kitten without a pedigree certificate, which would deprive the owner the possibility of breeding. To protect the high-pedigree cats the "uncontrolled reproduction" is forbidden by clubs and cat associations. Think about the future of your pets, it depends on your decision whether the kittens are given away, sold, euthanized or dumped on the street.

Parents who want to buy a high-pedigree kitten for their child should very thoroughly select the "gift?, because they have to provide full care for kitten, to organize leisure time, preventive veterinary examinations and vaccinations. Parents should not be mistaken that the child is willing and able to care for a cat for a long time. Therefore breeders are trying to convince these parents that it is they are getting a kitten. Not everyone knows that buying kitten for breeding ("Breed? class) means also the acquisition of many additional responsibilities. Membership in community cat club or association is not only participation at numerous expensive exhibitions and cat shows, but accepting the strict rules of keeping pets as well.

(used materials: biologist, feline S. Anisimova)