About Kittens

Cats are amazingly affectionate and harmonious creatures. They are full of charm, a source of a universal peace. They see parallel worlds, bring home the wealth, happiness and good fortune. A person from their neighborhood becomes kinder, more tolerant and tender. Acquisition of an animal from an experienced breeder at a professional cattery will help you avoid many problems. As practice shows, an owner who bought a kitten guards and appreciates him/her more, because buying a kitten people are thinking and planning in advance, weighing all pros and cons.

Litter C Litter C

This is important, you need to determine in advance what you prefer a boy or a girl-cat. Remember all kittens should be neutered. Many things in the house can be extremely dangerous for the kitten. Please note that you will need to carefully monitor the kitten and make it impossible for him/her to access potentially dangerous objects, such as: chemicals, hot irons, stoves, potted flowers, electrical wiring, pins, strings etc. If you decide to buy a kitten, you should feed him/her with a good healthy food; teach them to keep cleanliness in the house; sleep at the provided space; do not scratch furniture, walls, carpets and curtains; do not climb on them; do not climb on the table, where you cook the food; do not eat indoor plants. Also it is important to provide them a cat tree, scratching posts, litter, and other necessary kitten items.

Our Girls

The price of these British cats is high. It depends on the breed of his/her parents and their ratings on the shows. Thoroughbred animals just CANNOT be cheap. It's very expensive to have these really good cats. If someone offers you a kitten for a low price, that means their conditions and feeding are poor. The quality of a kitten like that will sadden a future owner. The breeder always knows the real price of his/her pet, and the disappointment from the animal of poor quality lasts much longer than the joy of its low price!

The important criteria of the British shorthair breed are a lack of aggressiveness, good manners, and cleanliness. The kittens from our cattery move to a new owner no earlier than 12 weeks old. By this age they are accustomed to a litter box and scratching post; free of parasites and diseases; and properly vaccinated according to their age. We provide a certificate and contract of sale.

And remember that a beautiful and healthy kitten is primarily a well-fed kitten!