British Shorthair of Silver Color

Popularity rating of the British cats is very high, and the number of owners is enormous. Brits are the classic of feline nobility! Representatives of this breed are incredibly tempting; their appearance is impressive and majestic. Their unobtrusive "control" over the life of the family, philanthropy, the ability to display their beauty, "participation" in the family affairs all of these is winning a growing number of the British fans! British Shorthair breed?s origin is British Isles, where thousands of years ago their ancestors inhabited it. British shorthair - is a harmonious, medium or large sized animal with a muscular, solid, well-developed body; strong legs; powerful chest; round head with big cheeks; short and thick neck.

British breeder Norman Winder derived British shorthair chinchillas in the early 1970?s. He made a crossbreeding of Persian chinchilla with British shorthair cat. Breeder has combined a great chinchilla coat of Persian and strength of the British. His experiment was a full success: in 1973, Winder demonstrated at the exhibition a new breed that was named British shorthair black tipped or "British shorthair black silver tipped (Silver Shaded)". The Board of Cat Clubs, England, recognized this color in 1980.

"Silver" - is a pure white coat color. Silver Shaded and Chinchilla - is almost white cat, with "sprayed" black color at the very tips of the hairs. Only 1/3 of the hair of Black Silver Shaded cats has a black "covering", hind legs to the hock and the palms are black. Cats of Chinchilla (Black Silver Shell) color have even less colored coverage about 1/8 of the hair, and their hind legs are white, only palm pads are black. Silver shaded coat should have shades of black on the back, sides, head, ears and tail. Uniformity of a color is more important than its contrast. Chin, stomach and underside of the tail should be white.

These regal cats are of extraordinary beauty! Their white mantles with slightly blackened tips of the hair give them a great elegant look. They are generously endowed with natural makeup: eyes, lips and nose of chinchillas encircled by black lines. Large expressive emerald-green eyes, a nice red nose, lips curved in a mysterious smile and black palm pads are a nice contrast to the shining snow-white fur. British silver chinchillas mature very slowly: they grow up to 4 years and reach full growth at 5 years old. They look great all their life, up to 18-20 years. Girl cats - are much less massive in comparison with the boys, they have a shorter jaw and reach maturity at 2-3 years.

Our Girls

Currently, because of the exquisite form inherited from the Persians calm and balanced nature, the British chinchilla has much demand. They are worthy favorites of the breed and pride of their owners. Good manners of British in their blood. They feel themselves perfectly in a city apartment or country house; easily get along with other cats and dogs. You can feel their wise, innate intelligence, dedication and kindness. British cats do not lose their temper easily; they are calm and yet very playful. These cats will please and surprise you. They will not sit long in your lap, but more likely will lie by you and enjoy your closeness.

Open the door and let the cat in your house,
in your world, in your heart, and you will never regret it!