icon When you buy a kitten, and with your precious dollars part,
You only pay with money... we pay with a piece of our heart.
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We CLOSED our cattery. We would NOT have any cats or kittens for sale any more.
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Terms of Sale
Before you contact us:
  • We love our baby-kittens, and we want them to be with responsible, kind, and loving new owners who can provide them the most comfort and dignity of a full family member.
  • We do not answer the letters with only one question, like "How much is a kitten costs?". If you are serious enough about buying a kitten from us, please be prepared for maximum effort provided by you physically, emotionally, and of course financially.
  • De-clawing of a kitten is not allowed at any point and for any reason.
  • We reserve right to refuse to sell a kitten to anyone without any explanation.
  • Before you buy:
  • A kitten does not move to a new family until he/she is at least 12-weeks old.
  • By 12-weeks kitten is vaccinated according to the age, receives anti-worm, anti-parasite treatments, and gets accustomed to a litter box.
  • Before you buy a kitten from us, you must reserve a kitten after he/she is 1 month old (prior you will be able to visit our cattery, or see kittens on pictures or other types of media).
  • To reserve a kitten you must pay a portion of a kitten's price (a deposit - usually less than 50%).
  • The price of a kitten is set before you pay the deposit.
  • The price depends on a kitten's quality AND your acquisition purpose.
  • The price of a kitten DOES NOT include shipping and/or other expenses (additional vaccination, etc).
  • When we receive the deposit, a kitten is reserved for you.
  • When you buy:
  • At the moment of sale buyer and the cattery sign a contract (exact contract is provided prior the transaction).
  • [NOTICE] If a potential owner does not pick up a kitten at the set date, AND doesn't contact us prior, during, or shortly after that date; or otherwise if buyer is reluctant to take a kitten at that time — we revoke the reserve status and a kitten is available for sale again.
  • If reserve status is revoked, deposit is NOT refundable.
  • After you buy:
  • If at any point a buyer decides to relocate, resell, re-gift, etc. kitten to a 3rd party, the Space Coast Cattery must be informed first with all detailed information.
  • If by any reason buyer refuses to keep already purchased kitten, we accept a kitten back without a refund.
  • The cattery is not responsible for a lifetime health of the animal you buy. When a kitten is with you, it is your responsibility to keep him/her healthy and happy.
  • We are always happy to assist you with advise on how to do it, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Feel free to contact us if you are interested in buying a kitten from our cattery.
    When you write to us, please also include these details about yourself:

  • Your name, contact information (state, city of residence, phone number).
  • Gender of kitten you prefer, and which available kitten(s) you like.
  • Do you have other pets in the house?
  • The purpose of the acquisition of our kittens (pet, show or breeding)
  • If you are a breeder provide full information of your cattery (website, etc)