British Shorthair and Longhair Cattery "Space Coast"

Welcome to our mono-pedigree British Short / Longhair cattery "Space Coast". We specialize in breeding cats of rare colors: Silver-Shaded (Shaded), and "Chinchilla" (Shell) with green eyes, and Silver Shaded Point, Seal Point, and Fawn Point with blue eyes. We hope you enjoy your time spent on the pages of our site and find a kitten of your dreams.

In the U.S., animals of such colors are unique. We have imported these unusually beautiful cats of exclusive colors from Europe. And now they live in a picturesque corner of the United States – Florida!

Rare colors of our cats invariably causes a delight, great interest and admiration. Representatives of this Britons groups belong to the hard to hereditary color. It can be supported only if breeding inside their representatives. Because of the rarity of these colors, it is very challenging to breed them and extremely difficult to find fit purebred producers with the appropriate breed characteristics.

Our Girls

British Short and Longhair cats of rare colors have absolutely fabulous eyes - bright green, emerald or deep blue. You irrevocably fall in love with this gentle, graceful creatures with a royal dignity and round eyes of surprising color, framed by fantastic plush coat.

Despite many difficulties, we have decided to contribute to the breeding of these precious cats. We want to increase and to maintain all the achievements of European and Russian breeders of these sweet temper and a beautiful modern British cats.